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You know, Bride and Grooms spend approximately 1-2 years planning a wedding; shopping for “THE” dress, picking out rings, deciding on which limo company to use or not to use, finding the perfect venue with great food, and the list goes on. Choosing your entertainment for the evening is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. So you’re at your reception now on Cloud 9 because you just finished your first dinner together as husband and wife, speeches are done and then 9pm hits. The music the DJ is playing doesn’t get or keep the party going, night’s over. (Poor choice in the DJ company hired). You know you’ve been to a wedding like that. This is Scenario 1. Now picture Scenario 2: If all the above was cut in half for whatever reasons, yet your dance floor was full all night and your guests are having a great time all because you hired Celebrity Music, you and your family and friends will remember your wedding for a lifetime. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve run into people over the years that say they still remember a wedding they were at 20 years ago where we DJ’d and what a great time they had and that they remember the dance floor being packed all night.

A Disc Jockey should be a Master of Ceremonies, able to MC with proper pronunciation of names, know when and when not to speak, knowing how to feel the crowd. He/She should supply music while your guests are arriving for cocktail hour, during dinner and all the way to the end of the night. He/She should know the formula as to not lose anyone. This is where talent comes in. With Celebrity Music, we let our reviews and recommendations be our “wedding show” advertising. In our 30 years of business, “word of mouth” is our bread and butter. Our past couples understand our value that was given to their wedding. Setting up our equipment at noon to avoid any guest contact is just our professional way. Arriving half an hour before you arrive, we guarantee everything you dreamed of is in place and we’re ready to be at your service when you arrive. Proper dress code (ie: we wear tuxedos) is a must for all events.

We are always in contact with the hall managers to make sure service does not interrupt with speeches during dinner. This does make a difference. Our background/dinner music is at a level where guests can actualy hold a conversation with someone at the table and our speakers are specifically positioned to make sure you can feel the music without any complaints. We also don’t believe that a chair should be provided for your DJ while working for you. I have never sat while working because I believe sitting looks like you’re bored and not enjoying yourself and that couldn’t be further from the truth with Celebrity Music. Entertaining your guests isn’t just my job, it’s my passion. We thrive on having your guests feel that we are working for them the entire night. Knowledge of music from all genres is extremely important to help maintain a lower liquor bill for you because we’ll keep your dance floor packed all night long. I can honestly say that I don’t know of many DJ’s where guests actually go out of their way when they leave to tell them what a wonderful time they had and how energetic and entertaining we were. It’s the highest compliment one can receive and it’s what keeps us going.

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