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From the Heart Photography

Before booking a photographer, allow me to take you for an engagement session for free to establish if we bond (to get a feel for one another) and show you the quality of pictures for your day. After 10 years of working with an array of professional photographers, I was able to establish From the Heart Photography 15 years ago, blending all the best attributes of my colleagues and removing the boredom and rules of time that a lot in the industry have.

Its now been 15 years of wedding photography with professionalism of uniform, equipment and results adding a sense of relaxation to the bride, groom and wedding party giving full day coordination along with it. An iPhone can now take an awesome picture so careful of why you’re investing in a camera that someone carries rather than the person behind it. We also include standard video with all photography packages.

From the Heart Videography

20 years ago we brought videography to our company and have done over 400 weddings. We maintain professionalism in our uniform, equipment and attributes of coordinating your wedding for the day. We believe in trying not to stage any videos but instead use our humor to make you feel relaxed.

A camera pointed at you for 10 hours is a horrible feeling. Asking someone to smile makes for unflattering pictures. Finding a way to relax you and make you smile naturally is an ability we are known for.

Celebrity Music DJ / Choreography

Choosing a song because its a hit is simple. You might as well use and iPod. Having someone represent, MC, coordinate and play the 2nd song and keep your dance floor packed all night is priceless. (Yes, I stole that phrase).

Our DJ business is unique to the point that the music is half the job in comparison to the feeling and motivation we try to give towards coordinating the perfect day. Without a doubt, our dedication to our clients is uncomparable in the business. We would like to thank all who have allowed us to be part of their day and would be honored to be part of yours!

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